The new thing makes people crazy. This time I have new experience hiking in a new trekking trail from Kalinchok to Thingsang. Gaurishankar Conservation Area Project is proposed to explore the new trekking route for this route. This trekking route is a new option for hiking who loves nature and who wants to be in the lap of nature. A team created before some days to initial monitoring of the trekking trail. In the team, there were Pasang Sherpa, Prakash Magar, Krishna Bdr Pakhrin, Puspender Shahi, Dil Bahadur KC and me. In the morning of mangsir 4 we started the journey from Charikot. We got bolero to reach to Kuri. I called to Krishna Pakhrin to meet in Kuri. Who is belongs to Kalinchok. We also took journalist Dil Bahadur Kc from Charikot. We reached to Kuri in about 4:30 pm. We wait for Krishna Pakhrin. We visited here and there in Kuri. We met new friends and discussed with them. We took coffee in hotel fireside. This is the hotel which can adjust to about 200 people in a night. We did campfire there inside the hotel. It was cold in the weather. Tomorrow the 5th of Mangsir we started our walk. We packed our backpacks. We started our journey. We took launch at Ghyangdanda. Puspender and Krishna Pakhrin can’t leave us coz of illness. We 4 Pasang, Prakash, Dil Bahadur and I started our journey. We reached to Kalinchok temple, took some time there. Again, we start for the journey.

The view was awesome. In some places, the trail needs for maintenance. The landscape scene is fantastic. We saw mountains, peak in 360 degrees. The trail is not so sloppy.  We easily passed our journey. We got a tea shop in Tewa and got a coffee there. Kuri is in 3700m and Thingsang is in 3400 m in height. It took 6 hours from Kalinchok to Thingsang. I posted some photographs which I captured while on the journey. Finally, it was our wonderful journey.

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