As per the plan of visiting Lachhewar of Umakunda rural municipality of Ramechhap, the Eastern part of Nepal. This is the highest altitude village of Ramechhap, which lies in 2776 m. it is a wonderful village. The story is also fantastic in this village. A total of 45 houses is in the Lachhewar. Out of 45, 17 households are landless. Most of the people are Sherpas. Besides that, landless households are Tamang, Karki, Thami, Chhetri. They came from another southern part of Ramechhap. They even don’t have any land and they can’t get to buy land there. They brought there to work for Sherpa’s house.

I started my journey from Charikot. I took a bus from Charikot. I started my journey by 9, o clock. The roads are slightly difficult for bus and other vehicles. The roads are in the maintenance process. After a few years, this road will get the final layout. The bus can’t go ahead from Mainapokhari. I requested for some people to take a bolero from there to Jiri. We took a bolero also. We reached Jiri at about 4 pm in the evening. I met a nurse in bolero. She came from Itahari and she worked in the hospital in the same city. She was fantastic. I shared all my nurse related positive and negative feelings with her. She offends in some and she defends in some time. After reaching to Jiri I again took another bolero from there. In this time Rajendra Prashad Yadav helps me. I reached Shivalaya at about 6 pm. We took a launch there and got to bed. Tomorrow morning, we have to reach to Lachhewar.

The next day morning we headed towards Lachhewar. When we reached Lachhewar when it was dawn. We met other friends there and we made some friends there. total a village Lachhewar is divided into 2 village I.e. Koyamtar and Chhewar. It situated in the northern part of Ramechhap and it also deserved as the highest altitude village of Ramechhap district. There we stayed for 3 nights. This is the wonderful village among I visited villages. The villagers are warm in nature and its natural nature is cold weather due to situated in the high hilly region.

I got a chance to visit this place. I planned to visit this place before some year when I visited Gumdel of the same part. Ramchandra Sharma Bigyan, Krishna Prashad Sapkota, Rajendra Prashad Yadav, Lhakpa Sherpa. Yesha Lama, Aangchhiri Sherpa is in the team. It was a fantastic journey with this team and the journey is phenomenal.

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