Most of the people know that there was art everywhere. Art means creative things doing in the object. Who creates that, that creator is called an artist. nowadays people called artists for celebrities. In our opinion celebrity only, not an artist. A poor man who prepares a pot, he is also an artist. A painter who paints in board or somewhere he is also an artist. Finally, in my view a person or a subject who creates/prepares a beautiful object that is the artist. A photographer is also an artist who is with his/her camera and he is also an explorer. There were many phenomena who art on earth. The person is not only the artist. The water of the river is also the artist which create beautiful art in stone of the river. 

Here, In this post, I collected some art in stone which is beautifully created art. The day Saturday is a public holiday day in Nepal. On this public holiday day, I thought to explore something. I walked into the Tamakoshi River. At that time I thought to explore the art of stone in the river and I search it. In river flowing of water is the continues process. It’s natural. We can see it. some people only saw the art and some people feel it. I am a second category man I feel it. Here I want to show you that art.

I walked alongside with river. While walking I got so many beautiful art in a river which is created in stone. It is created by water hitting in the stone. It’s beautiful and smooth that sandpaper used. Somewhere there I found a cave, somewhere there I found a corner and somewhere there I found other extra things. Color makes it better beautiful other than monocolor. Single color. Somewhere there I found a red color, somewhere orange and yellow also. 

It was my interesting journey walking in bench of the river itself interesting and enjoyable. I used Nikon D 7200 and Nikkor 18-140mm lens to take photographs. I walked in the Khare area of the Tamakoshi river in Dolakha =. Before some time I walked in the same river in the Jhyanku area. Before some time I posted some photographs of that journey link is here. 

Click on photographs to enlarge the size. Don’t forget to share over on facebook and twitter. Thanks for reading and watching the photographs. 

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