On the day 21st August 2019, I got a chance to travel from Charikot to Some places in eastern Nepal. I planned it for some days before. Actually, I planned for my personal work. With my personal work, I addressed the second optional work also. On that day of travel early in the morning I went to the bus counter to reserve a seat. I took a ticket for Itahari. After that, I went to my house for further preparation. I took a bag, put extra clothes, extra socks, toothbrush and toothpaste, a diary, pen, cell phone charger, power bank, earphone, cap, umbrella in my bag. I also put my camera, camera batteries, camera battery charger, extra lens, monopod, and tripod. Then I took a launch at my home. At about 12 noon I steeped towards the bus station. The bus took its step at 1 pm from Charikot. The seat was fulfilled, some known person and some unknown persons are there in the bus. I introduce myself to my next seated man who was also for Itahari. He is from Lamidanda of Dolakha. After 1 hr bus reached Nayapul, and after that, the bus was stopped at Golanjor of Sindhuli to take snacks. After taking snacks through Sindhuligadi, Singhulimadi, Bhiman, Kamalamai  it reached to Bardibas. we took a small nap there. while others taking a nap, I tried there for long exposure. Other teases me on taking photographs at night though I can’t make the best long exposure photographs there at that time. I went to the seat and wait for the bus driver. After some time the bus started to run. We reached Bhantabari at 10 pm. We took the launch there and stayed there for 3-4 hours. We slept on the bus. I reached Itahari at about 2:30 o clock and I planned for Gothgaun, Morang. 

I reached Gothgaun at 3 am. I walked around there. I tried there some long exposure. after that I tried sunrise photography some of them are in the gallery. I went to Salakpur the Biratchok without any distinct work. I shoot some street photographs they also in the gallery. I finished my work at about 10:30 am then I have a lot of time around there. I thought for Koshi barrage. I already reserved a seat for the night bus to Charikot. From Gothgaun I forwarded towards Itahari then directly to Biratnagar. Biratnagar’s environment especially the road was messy not only messy it’s chaos. The road was full of a packet of tobacco(Gutkha, Parag). What I thought about Biratnagar I got beyond my thought. I thought it’s a beautiful city in the Eastern part of Nepal but I can’t get that. Literally I also can’t stay there because of waste everywhere. I can stay there for only 5 minutes. Again I want to say that the road of Biratnagar if full of a packet of Tobacco, waste, dust. I return Itahari from there. I stayed Itahari for 1 hr then I headed towards Inaruwa. Still, I have 6 hours left for the bus. In Inaruwa I stayed for ½ hour. After Inaruwa I took micro and headed towards Koshi Barrage for long exposure photography. Especially I headed from Gothgaun for only Koshi barrage. I reached there at 5 stayed nearby Koshi river waited for sunset and dawn. I do not expect that type of sunset that I will get. I saw a good sunset then I started to capture that. I stayed there for about 4 hours. I also tasted Jhinge fish and Kati fish. The taste of fish is awesome. I also recommend tasting the fish of Koshi.

In this travel, I carried my canon 700D with 18-55 mm and 55-250 mm STM lens. I took a small tripod instead of a big heavy tripod. This travel gives me a new experience in a night bus from Charikot to Gothgaun(Morang), Details travel experience will be posted in the blog. See more photographs.

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