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Short Visit to Kalinchok

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Do you want to visit Kalinchok?

Have you planned for the Kalinchok trek?

I’ve posted some photographs of Kalinchok before on my website. Here is the link. Snow land Kalinchok Photographs, Snowland Kalinchok Photographs part 2, Snowland Kalinchok photographs part 3

Kalinchok, a beautiful place is located in an eastern hilly part of Nepal. Which is in Dolakha. Kalinchok is famous for the Kalinchok Bhagawati temple at the top of the hill at an altitude of 3800m. Besides this is renowned for the stunning view of mountains, hills, and valleys. The temple belongs to goddess Bhagawati famous for fulfilling pilgrims’ prayers and desires. From Kalinchok temple Large Mountain range from Annapurna to Numbur can be seen. Can be seen many people from different cultures, societies, and castes. This is located in the Gaurishankar Conservation area where two famous rivers originated from there i.e. Tamakoshi and Sunkoshi. Tamakoshi to the east and Sunkoshi to the west. These two rivers later reach the Koshi river. Kuri is the base camp of Kalinchok.

This time I traveled kalinchok, Kuri during the monsoon. It’s seen more beautiful in monsoon. It is hard to reach there in the monsoon because of the offroad between Deurali and Gairi. Although I reached there and I got beautiful photographs which I posted here in this gallery.

Why go to Kalinchok

Anyone who reaches this place will be able to see the high mountain ranges including Gaurishankar Himal and other mountain ranges.

Visiting Kalinchok Bhagwati, the heritage of the Hindu faith brings to mind what is on one’s mind, relieves disease and other afflictions, and acquires wealth, property, education, etc.

In addition to this, the scenery of the mountain range and the study of theft and research and exploration of herbs, as well as snow sports, and ski sports, such as the crowd of tourists. This place has been chosen to avoid the heat of Terai and Kathmandu. According to the current projection, more than 300,000 religious and other miscellaneous (domestic, foreign) tourists visit the region annually and this number is likely to increase after proper management of infrastructure development (roads).

The Department of Tourism, Ministry of Tourism, and Government of Nepal have also included the temple area of ​​Kalinchok Bhagwati among the 100 major destinations in the country. Due to this, the area has become the choice of tourists.

As this place is an essentially religious and tourist destination, it has been built only for easy access for the devotees.

source: Kalinchok darsan website.

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