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A Time with Blood pheasant

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The Blood Pheasant is a bird species found in the high-altitude regions of Bhutan, Nepal, and Tibet. It is named for its striking red plumage, which is especially prominent in males during the breeding season. Blood Pheasants are typically found in alpine scrub and grassy slopes above the tree line, and are omnivorous, feeding on a variety of plant matter, insects, and small invertebrates. While not considered endangered, they are considered vulnerable due to habitat loss and hunting pressure.

Male Blood pheasant

It’s called Blood pheasant in English and its scientific name is Ithaginis cruentus. In Nepali its called Chilime(चिलिमे). I found this bird Opposite Beding of Rolwaling valley of Dolakha. When I was there for camera trapping. The valley is awesome and best for trekking and traveling. There I got so many species of birds and also the high potential to find many species of wild animals. This area lies in Gaurishankar Conservation Area which is managed by NTNC (National Trust for Nature Conservation).

Female Blood pheasant

I captured these photographs with Nikon 7200D, Nikkor 18-140mm. I also prepared a video at this time. I posted it on youtube click the link here to watch the video.

For more photographs click here on the Gallery.

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