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Is a 50mm lens good for landscape photography?

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A 50mm lens can be used for landscape photography, but it’s not typically the ideal lens for this type of photography. Landscape photography generally benefits from using a wide-angle lens, which allows you to capture a broad view of the scene and emphasize the vastness of the landscape.

A 50mm lens has a narrower field of view, which means that you’ll have to step back further to capture the same amount of scenery as you would with a wide-angle lens. This can make it more challenging to include all the elements of the landscape that you want in your composition.

That being said, a 50mm lens can still be useful for landscape photography in certain situations. For example, if you want to capture a specific element of the landscape in greater detail, such as a mountain peak or a particular rock formation, a 50mm lens can help you do that.

In summary, while a 50mm lens can be used for landscape photography, it’s not typically the best choice. For most landscape photography, a wide-angle lens in the range of 16-35mm would be a better choice.

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