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Black and white lines in stone

Naturally created arts, in stone by river.

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Art is ubiquitous and can be found in many forms. It is a creative expression of an individual or group that brings beauty to an object. The person who creates this beauty is called an artist. It is a common misconception that only celebrities are artists; anyone who creates something beautiful is an artist. For instance, a poor man who makes a pot or a painter who paints is also an artist. Furthermore, a photographer who captures beauty through their camera is also an artist and an explorer.

horizontal lines in stone
horizontal lines in stone

There are numerous examples of art and artists around us. Even the water in a river can create beautiful art in the stones that line its banks. Recently, I had the opportunity to explore the Tamakoshi River in Nepal on a public holiday. I was interested in capturing the theme of art in stone through photography.

Walking alongside the river, I discovered many beautiful works of art that had been created naturally over many years by the continuous flow of water. The stones on the river’s bank had been rubbed smooth like sandpaper, creating beautiful caves and corners that were colored in shades of red, orange, and yellow. I used my Nikon D 7200 and Nikkor 18-140mm lens to capture these incredible images.

A stone from stone hole
A stone from the stone hole

After exploring the Tamakoshi River, I moved on to Lamabagar, another picturesque place in Dolakha, where Tamakoshi River flows into a river beach. The river created stunning art here too, and I have posted some of these photographs in another blog post.

In conclusion, art is not restricted to famous people or particular mediums; it can be found everywhere around us. Even the natural flow of a river can create magnificent art, as demonstrated in my photography.

Watch photographs on Naturally created arts, in stone by river on my website.

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