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Exploring Lachhewar: A High-Altitude Village in Ramechhap

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During my recent travel plan, I embraced the chance to uncover the allure of Lachhewar, a high-altitude village nestled in the Umakunda rural municipality of Ramechhap, in the Eastern part of Nepal. Lachhewar is known as the highest-altitude village in Ramechhap, resting at an elevation of 2776 meters. This village emanated a distinct charm and shared an enthralling tale. With a total of 45 houses, Lachhewar hosted a diverse community, primarily consisting of Sherpas. A notable aspect was that 17 of these households lacked land ownership, with residents hailing from diverse ethnic backgrounds such as Tamang, Karki, Thami, and Chhetri. Many of these families migrated from the southern region of Ramechhap and served as laborers for Sherpa households due to the absence of land ownership.

My journey to Lachhewar commenced in Charikot, where I embarked on a bus ride. Departing at 9 o’clock in the morning, the roads posed challenges for both buses and other vehicles due to ongoing maintenance. Anticipations suggested that these roads would be fully developed within a few years. The bus facilitated our journey up to Mainapokhari, beyond which we arranged for a bolero to transport us to Jiri. This part of the trip introduced me to a nurse who recounted her experiences working in an Itahari hospital. Our discussions ranged from the positive aspects of nursing to the challenges encountered. Upon arriving in Jiri around 4 pm, another bolero was secured, with Rajendra Prashad Yadav’s assistance this time. Our destination for the evening was Shivalaya, where a meal was savored and rest was embraced, preparing us for the journey to Lachhewar the subsequent day.

Next morning

As the morning sun illuminated at the land of Umakunda Rural Municipality, we set forth on our expedition to Lachhewar. Reaching the village at dawn, we relished the opportunity to meet and form connections with fellow travelers. Lachhewar was divided into two sections – Koyamtar and Chhewar – collectively constituting a village distinguished as the highest-altitude settlement in the Ramechhap district. Our stay in this idyllic village spanned three nights, an experience that left an indelible mark. The warmth of the locals’ reception and the village’s natural beauty was accentuated by its cool climate, attributed to its lofty location in the hilly terrain.

My decision to explore Lachhewar was influenced by a prior visit to Gumdel, situated in the same vicinity. Accompanied by an enthusiastic team comprising individuals such as Ramchandra Sharma Bigyan, Krishna Prashad Sapkota, Rajendra Prashad Yadav, Lhakpa Sherpa, Yesha Lama, and Aangchhiri Sherpa, the journey surpassed all expectations. The camaraderie and shared experiences rendered this trip truly unforgettable.

I express my gratitude for your invested time in reading about my voyage to Lachhewar. I extend an invitation to remain connected and continue offering your support as I unfold further narratives and share more experiences through this platform.

With warm regards and Namaste.

More photographs taken in Lachhewor, Ramechhap.

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