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Macro inside Kamalamai

Inside the Kamalamai(mostly macro photographs)

In this post

Hi, again do you know what is macro photographs, I came with a photo walk in Kamalamai mostly macro photographs. Kamalamai is the name of the conservation forest inside the Gaurishankar Conservation Area. It lies in Bigu rural municipality-4, Dolakha, Nepal. 40% of the total land of Nepal is covered by forest. This is also one conservation forest among others. Mostly this forest occupies by pine trees with other trees, shrubs, herbs and wildlife. This time I choose this forest to do a photo walk. I started my walk from 10 am to 4 pm inside the forest. At this time my main motto is to shoot a B-roll(movie) in the forest. With shooting the movie, I capture macro photographs which I am posting here.

This platform is a photo blog where I put photographs that I captured. You can say this photo walk is a macro photo walk. Here I shoot especially macro photographs of bugs, and flowers besides this I also shoot some landscapes. Don’t be bothered while watching macro photographs. I gave my 100% for this post.

What is a macro photograph?

Macro photography is a captivating art that focuses on capturing the intricate details of small subjects, often enlarging them to reveal a world of beauty hidden from the naked eye. Through specialized lenses and techniques, macro photography captures the texture, patterns, and nuances of small objects such as insects, flowers, or everyday objects. It is a glimpse into a miniature universe, where extraordinaryness is found in even the tiniest of things.


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